Published Fiction

“Mobius Trip” published by 50-Word Stories (August 2014) – Flash fiction about the circular nature of it all.

“A New Life” published by 50-Word Stories (May 2014) – Flash fiction about leaving for good.

“There and Back” read by Magnus Sinding on Telling of Tales – I still think Magnus did a terrific job on this.

“A Maker’s Manifesto” published by Make Something Magazine issue # 3 (Nov. 2010) – This was a very brief, uh…piece. Me ranting about how we should all be making things.

“Tacks and McGee: The Life of the Party” published by Looking for Strange – This was written in response to the prompt “Anyone who thinks a minotaur is a mythical beast clearly never had to measure one for a tuxedo.” Also, it is dreadful, but I look back on it fondly, regardless.

“Self Titled” published by Weaponizer – This is a short story about the acoustic singularity. Which is something I made up. Called it. So there.

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