What Date Does the Newspaper Say?

My time-locked computer tells me it is nearly the middle of December. Mistakes were made. I have missed my return to this timestream by nearly a month. And you, my sweet audience, none the wiser, have, I’m sure, missed me greatly. All I can promise you is that now that I am back, my record keeping on this blog will become a more regular thing. But I am tired now. Time travel does that. It’s like jet lag, but without sitting next to inexplicably jetsetting toddlers the entire time. H.G. Wells knew how to travel in style, and in that same spirit, I have worked my way back from a long trip. Longer than you’ll ever know, I suspect. But later this week, I will tell you at least some of the story.

So now, you may look forward to hearing of my run ins with the future and how I found my way back around again. It is very interesting what has happened to publishing houses there and I look forward to telling you all about it. Prepare for Thursday, my friends. Prepare.

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