Flash Future

Just a short one today. I really need to finish outlining my novel. I begin in earnest Sunday morning. It would be at midnight tomorrow, but November this year begins on a Friday. When I look back at this time, will I see the primitive days of my first published novel? I hope so. But first, some (admittedly) rushed words about what I’ve been thinking on the future of fiction.

The future of fiction is a spiny and exciting thing. Who knows if that medium-bending idea will work out or just flop like so many great ideas have before? Right now we are at a precipice where there are so many things that can be done with a story. The standard tropes will always remain the same, timeless gems that they are, but perhaps there is a way to create a new platform for all of us writers. I have had the idea for a multi-faceted story for a couple of years now. We can embed links, we can create a soundtrack, we can superimpose video. Will any of this lead to a new medium altogether? A multimedia THING that goes every which way and allows writers to take advantage of all of the tools at their disposal.

I’ve done some reading on comics that are working on this. Slideshows, digital flip books, multidirectional stories. The brakes are off, people. The floodgates are open. You can do so much now with this device that many of us write on. It is so much more than just a computer. It is so much more than just the Internet. It is a wonder. It is freedom. Or it can be.

What is the next great mode of storytelling? I’m still waiting to see.

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