Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy new year, from the blog that can’t figure out what the hell it wants to be written by the guy who can’t figure […]

I always like reading about time travely, fictiony stuff. I personally think that ruling out the many universes theory is a little silly when considering what “comes closest” to real […]

Anarchy Archaeology

I recently rediscovered this pamphlet that I was handed while in Seattle. A little ridiculous, but truly, what did I expect in an anarchist book store? I could not find […]

Warren Ellis’ insane musings on the British invention of time, everyone. AllĀ of the things he says are true, by the way. I mean, he is certainly a mad man with […]

Just a short one today. I really need to finish outlining my novel. I begin in earnest Sunday morning. It would be at midnight tomorrow, but November this year begins […]

I really need to read more James Joyce. On a note only related if you read the following link, the idea of a professor inviting students to break the “rules […]